Signs your website upgrade is long overdue

Businesses typically review their online presence every three years — which includes a website upgrade, but this is often leaving it too late, especially when you factor in the time it takes to review, restructure and then redesign your site — adding an additional six months to the timeline.

Websites today are valuable assets allowing businesses to sell their products or services online, drive in-store sales or enhance business to business relations. Although most businesses understand the importance of having a website, they often forget the importance of keeping their site content, marketing and design current.

Realistically your site should be reviewed annually assessing; site structure, reviewing content and design, checking search engine rankings, and reviewing the competition. This review process will give you a good indication as to whether your site needs a few tweaks, or a major overhaul. When reviewing ask yourself the following four questions:

Is your website using responsive design?

Having a mobile friendly (or responsive) website not only gives your audience a better online viewing experience, but it also helps you get found on the search engines. While Google have stated that responsive design is only a small ranking factor in their search algorithm it’s one factor that should not be overlooked. If you current site is not mobile friendly, this is a no-brainer, you definitely need a website upgrade.

Can you easily login into your site and make changes to the content?

Updating your website content should be easy, long gone are the days of calling your web designer to make change or two to your company bio. If you’re not using a Content Management System (CMS) you’re missing out on so many features. I could dedicate an entire article to the topic alone, instead I’ll give you this tidbit: WordPress is a CMS platform being used by over 20 per cent of websites worldwide. That’s over 74 million websites using a CMS!”

Are you selling online?

If you’re using WordPress there are a number of eCommerce options available that will allow you to accept online payments. You don’t have to be selling physical products either. Think: monthly subscriptions, conferences or meetings, donations, the possibilities are endless.

Is your site connected to social media?

It’s one thing to be on social media, but another to ensure your social media platforms and your website are interconnected. Having icons link to your social media pages is just a starting point, your site should have the ability to automatically distribute content to your Facebook and Twitter accounts as well as your email subscribers at the click of a button.

If “no” was the resounding the answer to the questions above, then it’s a clear sign your website upgrade is long overdue. Still unsure? Contact Peaks Media for a website review.

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Cathy Earle

Cathy Earle is a WordPress Web Developer and Internet Consultant. She has been developing websites and consulting clients in Australia and North America for over 15 years. Her degree in Public Relations and Management Communication, in addition to a 12 year career as owner of an independent publishing company, have proven beneficial to her work today — navigating the vast world of the internet and online marketing.