Password security: avoiding common mistakes

Controlling your password security is a simple.  As a web host and developer for several sites I’m accustomed to setting up passwords for clients and working with passwords they’ve created for themselves. I’m always amazed when they tell me their password is something like their name, their dogs name, or their company name. Occasionally numbers are at the end of the dog’s name or company name.

So now we have a password such as peaksmedia123 and on top of that this password is used not only for email accounts but also to access domain names, paypal account and all the corresponding social networking accounts.

When I say, “No, no, no,” to a client wanting a nice simple password for all their accounts they usually respond with statements like; “It’s so hard for me to remember them all, why do I have so many different passwords? Why do they have to be complicated? Who would want to hack me anyway?”

My answer: “Hackers don’t care who you are, they aren’t hacking you because they necessarily want your information, they just do it because they can.” Now in the case of some, if you have a PayPal account that’s the same password as your email account then the hackers will most likely want to hack you because they like money!

Below is a great video on how you can create a strong passwords.

The above video came from this post below which I also encourage all my clients to read.

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Cathy Earle

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