How to market your business using the foursquare network

Knowing what social networks to use to market your business can be difficult. For the service industry foursquare is one network I’d recommend joining and using as a promotional tool for your business.

Foursquare is a check-in application where you let the world know where you are at any given time. The application tracks your location via GPS.

For businesses it’s not about checking into the service but letting foursquare users know your business exists.

An example: foursquare user HappyTraveller is on vacation at Sun Peaks Resort. Unsure of where to eat they pull out what I like to call the “Crystal Ball”—their iPhone. Using the foursquare app Happy Traveller is shown a list of businesses and locations within the area, according to their GPS location.

By creating your own business listing, you’re giving the user your business category (Restaurant, Retail, Coffee Shop etc.) and contact information (phone number, address, Twitter account, etc). Foursquare users can also leave tips for other users, such as: “Best cocktails on the mountain.” or “Friendly staff and great service.”

Claiming your business on foursquare allows you to offer specials, and deals to foursquare users. There are several ways you can offer specials. Some of the most popular are “Newbies” (first time check-ins), “Mayors” (most frequent visitor over the last 60 days), “Check-in Special” (You determine the check-in conditions).

Users of foursquare are usually connected to more than one social network, when they check into a location they can opt to have their check-in details sent to Facebook and Twitter. Images can also be attached to the check-in.

As with most social networks, foursquare is a free service, so claim your business today and start marketing to the crystal ball lovers.

How to claim your business.
Types of specials you can offer.

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  • Steve Mills

    Hi Cathy,

    I haven’t done a lot of work with Foursqaure yet, but I can see the benefit in built up urban centres and businesses with a strong physical presence. Have you had any good experiences with businesses using it up there?



    • Cathy Earle

      The businesses at Sun Peaks have not yet started using it to offer specials etc for check-ins but we are seeing a lot of visitors checking into businesses in the resort.
      Some of our clients have claimed their business on FourSquare and are waiting for the confirmation materials to arrive.This winter we will get a better idea of how effective FourSquare is for marketing purposes.